A series of infographics on the development of Schiphol for the publication Megastructure Schiphol.



Improving the user experience of in a team of UX and visual designers. Directed by Fabrique.



Improving the user experience of parents, banking at ABN



Intuitive app for full control of your Küppersbusch oven.



Specialization, happiness and ambition are key within Incentro. More than 250 Incentronauts have a strong passion for what they do.



Space Debris

Visualization of 52 years of space debris caused by the exploration of space, exhibited in France at the L’École supérieure d’art & de communication de Cambrai.


World Population Density

This interactive webtool allows users to get insight in population density around the world over time.

The user is able to highlight parts of the map to see how many people live on a certain part of the world.




Re-design for KNMG

The Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG) is the professional organization for physicians of The Netherlands. It was established in 1849. Since January 1st 1999 the KNMG has become a federation of medical practitioners’ professional associations.


Dutch Vote

Dutch Vote is an interactive webtool that allows users to compare voting behaviour in the Netherlands.

The user is able to select the different cities and compare the voting behaviour of a specific city with other cities in the Netherlands to see the similarities in voting behaviour.




The Voters is an interactive webtool that allows users to compare voting behaviour in the U.S. over time.

The user is able to select the different groups at the top-left corner and click on the timeline at the bottom to select the year of the presidential election.



New Alphabet Web-App

New Alphabet was a personal, experimental project of the famous graphic designer Wim Crouwel.

The typeface was designed to embrace the limitations of the cathode ray tube technology used by early data display screens and phototypesetting equipment, and thus only contains horizontal and vertical strokes.

This application enables the user to produce any possible setting for the New Alphabet, based on the original instructions.



Dit is het Nieuws

"This is the News' explores the possibilities to analyze language from articles in newspapers that can be linked to a specific news category.

By applying the results of this research in the form of an interactive installation, this system, combined with a technical analysis of the language, illustrates how newspapers write about current topics.


Study guide & Calendar

To familiarize new students with the Royal Academy of Art, they receive a study guide and a calendar.

The study guide holds all information about the academy and the study. Every chapter starts with a metallic green page that visualizes every mentioning of a specific keyword in the chapter as a block. These keywords are also highlighted on the rest of the pages with a cross and blocks on the side of the page, showing to their horizontal and vertical position.

The calendar is usable as an agenda throughout the year, highlighting important dates such as cultural and academy-wide events. Next to this, the agenda also contains information such as floor-plans, contacts and the opening hours of the many workshops inside the academy.



This book tells a story about the catastrophe of the earthquake that struck Hanshin in 1995 trough the eyes of volunteers.

Interviews with volunteers and images of the great disaster.


Making All Voices Count

Typography for MAVC, directed by Fabrique.


Dag in de Branding

A project commissioned by Dag in de Branding - Festival voor nieuwe Muziek. Dag in de Branding has a tradition of inviting designers and artists to create an artwork with "G" letter for their posters and banners, which are supposed to promote their music events throughout the year.


Dutch Design Week 2015

Visual design for the Dutch Design Week 2015, directed by Fabrique.



Visual design for a travel journal about Scotland.

The client was looking for an interactive approach to visualizing data on 20 years of hiking in Scotland.

I decided to plot all the visited locations on Google Maps and link these locations to the journal and photography.